Coronavirus: Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Tests Positive

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A fresh case of Coronavirus has been discovered in Iran.

Iranian Deputy Health Minister, Iraj Harirchi has been confirmed to have contacted the deadly disease.

The number two health minister confirmed in a video that truly he has contacted the virus and he’s already put in isolation and has started taking his medications.

The health boss was seen mopping his brow repeatedly at a news conference on Monday, when he denied the authorities were lying about the scale of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Also tested positive was his MP who is also undergoing medical attention.

65 cases of covid-19 have been reported so far in Iran, while the number is expected to be higher.

Meanwhile, US said Iran is being economical with the truth, adding that number of victims would have exceeded the actual number revealed to the public.

US called on all affected countries where the epidemic is fighting hard not to conceal the actual number of people tested positive of Coronavirus so as to know how to fight it.

A total number of 80,000 cases of covid-19 respiratory disease has been reported worldwide, while 2,700 people have been confirmed dead.

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