Relationships: Before You Say ‘I Do’, Let The Wedding Bell Wait – By Florence Olugbodi

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Dear uncle! You proposed to her, she said yes and it all over the place. Now, people begin to ask you questions.

When are we buying Aso- Ebi? When are you picking date? And many more.

Dear brothers and sisters, don’t be carried away with the Euphoria of this period, this is the stage when you both need to build each other and design the type of future you want.

Since you both have agreed and decided to step your relationship a bit higher, then, the wedding bell is ringing.

But wait! Why not let the wedding bell wait for you two to get it right before you sound it?

Marriage is not a palm wine to be tasted. Of course, you don’t have to wait till after marriage before you do the right thing.

🔴Your courtship period is not only for buying Aso Ebi and attending families occasions together, there is more to this stage than just wining and dining alone.

🔴Your courtship is important to be a waste-away. Build and prepare each other for the type of partners you want in your marriage, build each other up for the type of parents you want for your children.

🔴This is the period you both need to attend marriage seminars together, Read books related to marriage, listen to audios, podcast on marriage, that will help you soon to be home.

🔴Sing up for personal development course and attend. You both need to be intentional about your personal development; your emotional intelligence and temperament is very important for your marriage. Mention each other names on post that could be of benefit to you both on social media.

🔴Pray together and always speak positively to yourselves. Use prayer and positive words to secure your future.

🔴Help each other to be financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually balanced and pull each other up for a better future.

Marriage is about two different personalities coming together to become one, maximise your courtship period positively.

Let the wedding bell wait, do the right thing at the right time, wedding is just a day, but marriage is a life time contract. Be fully prepared before saying “I Do”

#To a Love – filled and healthy relationship

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