Nigerian Woman Recounts How Her Female Partner Was Molested And Remanded For Same-sex Marriage [Must Read]

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A Nigerian woman identified as Ayorinde Sijuola Omowumi has recounted how her female sex mate, Fumilayo Olukemi was ruthlessly dealt with and paraded with handcuffs on the street of Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

Omowumi, is a strong advocate of same sex marriage, she recounted how her partner was caught in the the act and remanded in prisons custody.

She explained how she had a marital issue with her former husband, which led him persuading her to come for a vacation in the United States to enable them resolve all their differences sometime April 2019.

Instead of granting this request, she filed for divorce which was later granted in May 2019 having discovered that her husband was having seeing another after she came back to Nigeria. This made her continued with her same sex patner.

According to her one of her friends notified her how her female partner was caught and and maltreated in detention to the extent that hot iron was used on her to confess to disclose the identity of her sex partner.

She maintained that she left Nigeria on 20th of July 2019 after she managed to escape arrest. Her movement was marred with suspicions as her friend told her that police are after her and her sibling Olatinpo Olawale Harryman told her that the police came to check on her at his house in Lagos.

He told her how ready and prepared the police are to arrest, molest and detain her for engaging in same sex relationship if found.

She explained that since the police were after her she was confused about where to stay that will allow same sex relationship between two consenting adults and this led her go on vacation in the United States to put an end to all the threats by the Nigerian Police.

“Funmilayo Olukemi is still in detention and may be sentenced up to fourteen years in jail for same sex relationship and I know if I go back to Nigeria today the police will arraign me for the same sex relationship meaning that the freedom of being in relationship cherished by the United States is prohibited in Africa” Omowumi said.

It would be recalled that same sex relationship is illegal and a crime in Nigeria as the legislation outlawing such practice was signed into law by the president in 2014.

Same sex act prohibition act imposes up to fourteen years imprisonment term on people caught.

She however call on the appropriate authority to look into how to amend that law.