‘Bisi Kay’ A Man That Will Lead Ekiti PDP To El Dorado

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Now that the world is being ravaged by plaque and we all seek the involvement of God to put an end to it, it is more certain that the restrictions being observed and kept everybody at home, to break the circle of transmission of this contagious diseases, could have been used to reflect on so many things in our lives.

We could have had a good need of thorough reflection on the fact that should world come to an end by this disease, could it mean our hearts would still have been embittered against one another or it could have met us in our ungrateful acts against our benefactors, ill feelings towards one another and looses the chances of salvation.

We may equally could have reasoned the world is not coming to an end and probably be thinking of resuming our unfinished works. Will it be resuming to hatred against one another or devious behaviours towards one another.

To us as politicians, we may now could have needed to change our old ways of looking at issues and projecting wrongly. We may have considered very useless the materialistic gauge in which we figured our lives or pursue selfish motives. In our Party and in the envisages of opportunity to capture power, we may have seen the needs for a strong and honest leadership for the Party and this may need our reworkings .

As for me, aside from evoking admiration for the intrepid political tactician; in person of Honourable Bisi Kolawole as the next Chairman’s of Ekiti State PDP, what effects would his chairmanship has on Ekiti State PDP, i considered it’s quite very important and have had cause to reflect upon and come to term with the fact that the most evident impact of his chairmanship is his ability to cultivate the friendship of all and his capability to rebuild a Party that the generality of Ekiti State PDP would be a beneficiary and in a final analysis, having Ekiti people as greater beneficiaries.

In this vein, the attempt to reconcile speculations arising from the Ward Congress and what it presages for the future of PDP is apparently a task that deserves our honesty and courage to face reality that the Ward Congress had come and gone and that it attest to the reality that His Excellency; Dr.Peter Ayodele is a phenomenon in not only Ekiti State PDP politics but beyond and that Senator Biodun Olujimi and Senator Duro Faseyi are formidable assets to the Party and that what is needed now is genuine reconciliation of our people.

It is within the realm of reasons, that the most intellectually agile in the ranks and files of the Party should deplore their intellectual wealth in exposing the false hope deliberately being manufactured to prolong the reactions that trail the Ward Congress and let everybody resumes work in facing the ruling the Party.

It may be far from the truth to pretend that our reactions, struggles to undo one another and perhaps deal a fatal political blow to one another is not purely on a selfish motives to protect our future ambitions within the structural framework of the Party, but if we can have our individual political interest subordinated to the collective political resolve that could make this Party victorious in future expeditions we would get ourselves disentangle from the ambivalence of resolvable crises that the Party is bedevilled.

A reasonably enlightened members of this Party would love to sheath his or her sword at this point and help the Party out of the déjà vu and the inescapable trap that the people in the ruling Party has erroneously been forecasting and holding onto, thinking peace will elude our Party after the Congress and they may have opportunity of this to their advantages in future political confrontations.

The Party strategists must now begin to think of such democratic luxury the Party stands to enjoy when coalescing to capture power again in Ekiti and redirecting our energies to achieve this; a united big political family should be prioritised, rather than recriminating one another unproductively, so as to crystallise a sense of oneness.

Disagreement are normal within any human Organisation, but I am particularly saddened by the way it was taken by the two groups as if we may not both inhabit the same wavelength of the political spectrum and the man Friday mentality; tending people to weep louder than the bereaved at the drop of hat.

The politician in us should tell us the limit to go in this war of attrition and we should start learning that we can prove our formidability without demonising ourselves unnecessarily. The problem of PDP can certainly not be drought of seasoned politicians, political tacticians or ideas or ideologies but convalescence from political brinkmanship and defeatist memories .

And that is the more reason, Ekiti State PDP needs a Chairman who would go beyond rhetorics and anecdotal mouthing of pedestrian trivialities generated by sentiments as solutions to the not too deeply complex challenges of our Party and this is a cause that Hon.Bisi Kolawole is ready to devote his PDP Chairmanship; resolving the critical challenges facing the Party, by bringing everybody together.

Among all the best materials that the Party is blessed with, jostling for the Party chairmanship; Hon.Bisi Kolawole particularly stand out as the most suitable man with the combination of courage, flair, flamboyance, political sagacity, organisational dexterity and native wisdom to navigate the Party to successes without much hassles.

Let’s unite our intents and purposes behind him, he is a man capable of taking Ekiti State PDP to Eldorado.

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