If You Have BVN With Any Of These Banks, This Message Is For You

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There is this scam attempt going on in Nigeria sine this coronavirus outbreak, and this is mostly concern with those that have BVN with Nigeria banks.

Everyone is everywhere trying to deceive people since the government promised to send money through BVN to people, so some wicked people have seized it as an opportunity to deceive the masses.

Please I beg of you don’t click on any link or disclose your BVN to anybody 

What is BVN

This is a bank verification number is a biometric identification system which was implemented by the central bank of Nigeria to reduce illegal banking in Nigeria it ja a modern security measure in line with the central bank of Nigeria to help stop the fraud in the banking system. It is done by recording finger print and a passport photograph of the person.

BVN is very important it is your financial identity number anyone who have access to that number can easily fraud your bank account by removing all the money inside. With your BVN fraudster can get your bank account and the phone number you used for OTP with these details they can even take loan on your behave without your knowledged some may even ask you to send OTP please don’t they want to use it to gain access to your account. Once you misplaced your phone try using another to call the customer care in your bank for them to block your bank account immediately then after some days you can unblock it. ensure to protect your BVN it will save you stress and money.

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