Finally, Leader Of The Famous Dancing Pallbearers In Viral Video Speaks… Watch Video Here

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The leader of the viral coffin-carrying dancers that have become an online sensation has spoken out in an interview with the BBC.

You probably must have come across memes – or even used or created one yourself – of the dancers, who are now everywhere in the online world.

The group is called the dancing pallbearers of Ghana – and as you know, pallbearers are people who help to carry coffins at funerals – and their performances are strictly guided by requests from their clients, Benjamin Aidoo, leader of the group, told the BBC.

Benjamin said he has now become a personality, with many media houses calling him for interviews … saying when the coronavirus pandemic is over he would tour the world to tell people about what they do.

He said: “I am Benjamin Aidoo, the number one pallbearer dancer in the world.

“People were even calling me to tell me your video is being used on the Internet, on social media, and everywhere and stuff. I was very grateful.

“This video has helped me a lot, because you know I have gained personality, my personality has gone high. People are trying to see me, people are calling for interviews.”

He was asked how he’s coping with the global pandemic and he had this to say: “This pandemic has brought my business down. It has come to a standstill.

“You know we don’t do business now and I feel very bad and then I know after this pandemic we are going to go around the world to teach people what we do. They will know how we give respect to the dead.”

Benjamin added that his group lifts the mood at funerals in Ghana and that families are increasingly paying for their services to send their loved ones off in style.

The troupe of Ghanaian pallbearers first went viral in 2017 and three years later they have resurfaced again with online users using them this time to depict different things ranging from COVID-19 death to someone being in soup, especially as regards relationships.

Watch Benjamin below in a chat with a BBC’s correspondent and see some pallbearer’s meme also:

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