Finally, Police Arrest Man Who Sealed His Wife’s Private Part With Super Glue

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The Director of Criminal Investigation, Kitui County, Kenya has today announced that it has arrested the man who glued his wife’s genitals with glues after inserting pepper, the man was arrested while in hideout in Kitui.

According to DCI, the Jealous man is said to have requested his wife to narrate to him on the number of men the wife had cheated on him with after the man travelled to Nairobi.

On being hesitant, the wife was beaten by the suspect who also sprayed pepper, salt and super glue on her genitalia and later used a knife to push the said contents to her lady parts.

The man is further said to have sealed her mouth and ears and left her for dead and is also said to have done this inhuman act in front of his 3 years old child who alerted the neighbors by his screams.

The DCI has stated that the man will be charged according to the law for the inhuman act on his wife.

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