How COVID-19 Tests Are Carried Out: 12 Things To Know – NCDC

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NCDC: 12 Things To Know About How Covid-19 Tests Are Carried Out.

1. You don’t have to pay a dime to get tested.

2. Covid 19 is identified using the PCR method by the NCDC. This is the only effective way to determine the presence of the virus in the human body.

3. An NCDC trained health worker uses a swab inserted through the nose and throat to collect samples to be tested for covid 19.

4. Once tested, the official TAT for your covid 19test results to be out is within 48-96hours.

5. Once tested, an official from the state ministry of health will contact you. Do well to provide an active phone number.

6. When your samples are taken, it is transported to a lab within the NCDC framework for testing.

7. The method for covid 19 testing in Nigeria is called Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) which is the only approved means of testing in Nigeria.

8. The purpose of the RT-PCR covid test is to determine if a person has the covid 19 virus or not.

9. Once tested, You should always sanitize and isolate while waiting for your covid 19 test result.

10. If you are sure you have the covid 19 symptoms, or you have a travel history, please call your state NCDC approved hotlines to be tested.

11. Nigeria is not using rapid test kits because these can produce false positive or false negative results. The only approved test method is the RT-PCR testing method which accurately detects the presence of Covid 19.

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12. The RT-PCR testing method so far is the only reliable method for determining the covid virus

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