VIDEO: Serious Fight Breaks Out Onboard Flight After 2 ‘Drunk’ Passengers Refused To Wear Mask

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A serious fight broke out onboard a flight after two ‘drunk’ passengers refused to wear a face masks.

People have been advised to wear a face masks always so as to curb the spread of COVID-19.

passengers can be seen trying to break up as fight between a Private man and another passenger.

In the video shared on Instagram by Michighclub, one man is heard shouting “There are kids here!” as pandemonium erupts.

At the end of the video, the man is seen being pinned to the floor before the plane lands.

In the caption of the video, Instagram user Michighclub claimed that the passenger involved had been drinking vodka and had refused to wear a face mask. This is despite the airline specifically asking passengers to wear face coverings from first boarding call until they reach the arrival gate.

Both men were later arrested by Spanish police on arrival in Ibiza after the pilot informed local authorities.

A spokesperson for the airline said:


“Two unruly passengers refused to wear their face masks and they were bothering their fellow passengers physically and verbally.

“The pilot informed the local authorities and upon arrival, both passengers were arrested. The flight safety was not compromised during the flight.”

Watch the fight below;


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