#EndSARS: Aisha Yesufu Speaks On Death Threats

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Yesterday a video that went viral on various social media platforms, Which was reposted by herself. Showed the moment a group of people made a short clip describing her as an enemy to Islam and a supporter of LGBTQ, and even made a threat to her life.

In way of redeeming her Image, Mrs. Aisha Yesufu posted various pictures of how she has stood against bad governance in this administration and even the previous one. She still could not figure out why her fellow Muslim family meant by saying she’s one-sided in this fight.

Here are some of her posts:

It seems that kannywood artistes who have repeatedly been attacked for being unislamic by many are finding their Islamic legitimacy by calling for my death. Pathetic lots!
As Muslims you should know, we all are on a journey and death is another beginning not an end
#EndSars joor!

As a little girl less than 10 years of age, I came to the conclusion that: the worst thing anyone can do to me is to kill me and that it is not the worst thing since I am going to die anyway.
At 46, you think I am going to be afraid to die? Try again!

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