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Looting: Go After Criminals Not Innocent Nigerians, Cleric Tells Governors

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A Nigerian Cleric and renowned philanthropist, Apostle Ringson Bako has called for the release of arrested innocent Nigerians wrongly accused of breaking in into Covid-19 palliatives warehouses across the country.

The Cleric who is also a Business mogul said the Governors should rather go after the hoodlums who are disturbing the peace of the nation.

Apostle Ringson Bako


Apostle Bako noted that, it was wrong for the governors to hoard the palliatives meant to cussion hardship during the recent Coronavirus lockdown, thereby throwing the masses into perpetual hardship.

He maintained that it was also wrong for the Government to declare a man hunt on those involved in these crises, especially the innocent citizens who were looking for what to eat during the trying time, adding that the food items were meant for the masses not the greedy Politicians.

Bako also berated the Governors for calling these innocent and hungry Nigerians Hoodlums and Looters, maintaining that the evil most of these Governors perpetrate in the secret contributed to the level of poverty in the country.

According to him, if the Governors had not kept the food items from the public, there wouldn’t be apprehension and tension that emanated from looting of Palliatives Warehouses extending to private businesses.

“it is very wrong for governors to hide foods that belong to the poor in a hungry nation like Nigeria in the first place. In a decent society, they should all be impeached”

The Abuja based Cleric advocated for immediate release of the arrested innocent Nigerians, while urging the Governors to stop the propose house-to-house searching of palliatives to prevent further chaos in the country.

He called on the Federal Government to ensure check and balances among Government officials, particularly in the implementation of policies affecting the general public.

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