Sex-for-grade Report: Kiki Mordi’s Accuser, Oge Obidiebube Commits Suicide

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In a sad development in the ethics allegations surrounding the acclaimed BBC Sex-For-Grade documentary in Nigeria Universities, a young journalist Oge Obidiebube has reportedly committed suicide by drinking two bottles of the banned insecticide, Sniper today December 13, 2020.

This follows days of incessant abuse and comments by the fans, friends and associate of a famed member of the Nigerian Feminist Coalition, Kiki Mordi on social media. Oge had earlier insinuated via posts on social media that she was the one who did the heavy lifting on the award-winning Sex-For-Grades documentary while Kiki was getting all the awards, praises and financial grants as a fall out of the documentary. This claim was corroborated by respected journalists Kemi Olunloyo and Ruona Meyer. Ruona in the past days came on social media to drag Kiki to do the right thing while Kemi, had called Kiki out for the same ethical blunder as far back as November, 2019.

After days of hot heavy debate on the case on twitter, Oge posted a video suggesting she was contemplating suicide on social media alongside other posts and her friend, Josh (@joshbillzz) said he was going to check on her.

An hour later, he posted that she has died after taking two cans of Sniper and being rejected by two hospitals. (see Screenshots)

Kiki has yet to react to these unfortunate turn of events

We’ve found Oge God she’s lifeless �

She took two bottle of sniper God �

We had to forcefully break the door

Two hospitals have rejected her �

We are on our way to General Hospital God she’s been foaming �

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